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Energy Healing Sessions 

Energy healing is alternative medicine.  It is a powerful, natural and non invasive way of reducing illness, stress, removing emotional and mental blocks, reducing pain, and emotional stresses. All sessions one hour.  Certified Usui Reiki  Master Teacher.  CHIOS and Kundalini Awakening Reiki practitioner.

$65 alone    

$75 if combined with crystal therapy


Spiritual Readings

Intuitive readings from Spirit utilizing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and Angel/Tarot cards. Receive guidance and messages from Spirit and the Universe on challenges you may be experiencing.  Readings are available via phone, email/online or in person. Parties also welcome. Party fees vary according to the number of participants.  Additional fees apply for mobile travel. Readings are in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments. 



Life Coaching

Gain control of your life. Connect with your Higher Self.  Confidential, non-judgmental coaching in all facets of life from a spiritual standpoint. All sessions one hour.

$65 an hour

Crystal Therapy

Detoxify and remove impurities from the body. Balances Chakras. Grid work. This may be done alone or in conjunction with energy healing treatment as an add on. All sessions are one hour.

$45 alone

$75 if combined with energy healing session

Home and Land Blessing

Scan dwelling and land for negative energies. Spiritual cleansing of land and dwellings. This removes negative energies and can lift vibrations inside your home or place of business. This can eliminate stress, depression and other negativity for the inhabitants.

Call for consultation. Fees vary depending on work involved.

Cash also accepted

The treatments offered are meant to SUPPORT, NOT REPLACE advice or care  from your physician.

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