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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a spiritual reading?

Readings are messages specifically for you relayed from your "Spiritual Team" about situations in your life. Everyone has Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and the like that surround them always. Messages are communicated through Spirit via your "team" and funneled through me. They send messages in several ways. I hear them, see symbols and they come through spiritual cards.

What is energy healing?

This is non-traditional or alternative method of healing. It is the art and science of sensing and correcting energetic defects in the energy field. As a healer, I strive to restore the original condition of your energy to its strong, vibrant and healthy state. This brings balance to mind, body and spirit.

What is crystal therapy?

Crystals and gems have unique vibrations that rid the body of toxins and negative energy. They draw out impurities and are used to support the reduction of illness, among other things. This entails placing appropriate stones on or around the body to activate healing. Can be done alone and also as support with other healing treatments. Techniques may also include grid work.

What is meditation?

Transforming the mind. Contemplation, reflection, concentration, deliberation. It is a state of deep peace that occurs when your mind is calm.

What is breath work?

Breathing techniques that can assist in stress reduction, vitality, increased energy levels and peacefulness. Breath work can influence mental, emotional and physical state bringing clarity and balance.They are based on ancient eastern and western disciplines.

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in your emotional and spiritual body. The body has 114 total that have 72,000 energy channels called nadis, through which your life and energy flow. There are seven major chakras that most have heard of. Each of these major chakras corresponds with a layer of your energy field or aura, as well as parts of the body.

What is an aura?

Auras consist of seven energy layers that surround the body. Each layer has its own realm of being or consciousness that directly corresponds with your major chakras. They present as colors that emanate from the body via electromagnetic field.

The treatments offered are meant to SUPPORT, NOT REPLACE advice or care  from your physician.