Crystals 201

This is an in-depth class on how to use your crystals to heal yourself and others of blockages, physical and emotional challenges. Crystals 101 should be taken prior to taking this course. Please bring 101 booklets back for reference and your stones! Live demos. Please bring your own yoga mat, pillow or massage table. Learn gridwork, making elixirs and additional healing methods. Registration fee: $85. Lunch and class materials included.  Call 757.609.1718 for details. Private classes available.

Reiki I

Part I of a III level class. Certification after completion of Reiki II. Additional Certification at Master Level III.
Learn the history, benefits and fundamentals of Reiki Energy Healing. Students will enhance their lives and those of others by helping the spiritual/emotional body to heal itself, thus, restoring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Students will then be able to assist in stress relief, speeding up natural healing process and bringing balance. Limited space. Materials included. Maximum 10 students. Registration is $75.  (Class is from 6pm to 10:00pm. Refreshments will be served. Please contact Erika Edwards at 757.609.1718 for more info.  Private classes available.

Reiki II

Part II of a III level class. Students will become attuned and certified to practice Reiki on others when ready. Various "healing" techniques and Chakra work will be discussed. Students will learn to release blockages and balance the flow of Ki. Limited Seating. Maximum of 10 students. Refreshments will be served. Class is from 5:30 pm to 9:30pm. Call 757.609.1718 for details.  Cost is $120. Private classes available.

Reiki III Master Level Certification

Students will deepen their knowledge, practice on one another and learn remaining sacred symbols. Students will also get attunement, learn to pass attunements,  learn about distance healing and employing additional modalities into their practice. Master Level Certification. Call 757.609.1718 for more details. Class is from 6pm to 10:00pm. 
Cost:$150.  Private classes available.

Reiki Master  CE Workshop

Continuing education for Reiki Masters only. There will be in-depth learning and discussions on seeing auras and energy patterns in the body. We will also be learning to  integrate quantum healing,  implementation of sound for healing, crystal therapy, etc. Please come ready with questions. Feel free to bring any accoutrements that currently aid you in your practice.​​ Cost is $75

Meditation 101
Learn fundamentals of meditation. Students will learn benefits, history and various types of meditations. Bring pillow or yoga mat to class for practice.
Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Meditation practices are techniques that encourage mindfulness and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity,  and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. Limited seating. Preregister here. Call 757.609.1718 for more details. Private classes available.
Cost: $50

Yoni & Womb Healing Workshop (Women Only)

Gain confidence and empowerment by harnessing your inner goddess. This class will help you to release emotional and spiritual blockages of the root/sacral/heart chakras. Learn to replace low self esteem & past trauma with beautiful, confident goddess energy. Bring balance into your life by learning how to nurture, nourish and properly love yourself. Self love comes before we are able to truly love others. Limited seating available. Comfy clothes suggested. Call 757.609.1718 for details. Cost: $125


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